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Eldora Ski Resort Colorado - Ski Season Highlights

The Ski Octopus skied at Eldora during a week when it was really windy. While the resort is smaller than others in Colorado, it is less crowded - and mostly visited by locals as it is close to Boulder.

There are plenty of good trails for skiers of all levels including advanced skiers, the terrain park is great, and if you liked groomed most of the trails are that way. The lift lines are really quick... if there is a line.

The only downside of Eldora is the wind. The area tends to get really windy, and many times the lifts will be closed due to strong winds. See the video to have an idea of how strong the wind can get. Please note that the wind gusts that you see in this video are the strongest you will get while the resort is operating. If the wind gets stronger than this then the lifts will close.

I wrote about Eldora in a different post. See my post about all the Colorado ski resorts that I visited using the Ikon Pass - and I will repeat it here as well:

Ski at Eldora - While Eldora is the smallest ski resort in Colorado included on the Ikon Pass, it is still worth trying it. It is less crowded during the week-end, so if you time your trip to arrive in Denver on Thursday or Friday, you can do Eldora over the week-end and avoid the crowds.

With 1400 ft of vertical drop and 10 lifts, Eldora has something for everyone... from double-black diamonds and black diamonds (altogether close to 40% of the runs), to intermediate trails (~40%) and beginner trails. The area is windy, and if the wind is to strong, the resort will close the lifts. While the Ski Octopus was there, in one of the days most of the ski lifts were closed at 2:45 PM due to strong wind. Only the lifts on the Little Hawk Mountain (Sundance and Caribou) stayed open until the closing time of the resort.

If you are looking for more difficult terrain go to the right and try Corona and Indian Peaks areas (and the lifts with the same name).

For beginner and intermediate terrain stay on the left side on Little Hawk Mountain. Challenge Mountain and the Alpenglow lift have a good mix of Blue and Black runs.

If you look at the trail map, you will notice that the difficulty increases as you go from left to right.

Ski days in Eldora: Ski Octopus recommends to stay 2 days in Eldora... but of course you can stay longer if you have more time available - and if you need a rental car in the area:

Where to Stay: If you are reading this, you know by now that the Ski Octopus is a cheap octopus... There are many places where you can stay in the area - and the Ski Octopus stayed in Boulder at the Boulder Twin Lakes Inn. The room was nice and large - with all the basic things you need when in a ski trip. You can also look for other options as well - as there are many hotels in the area.

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